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The holiday season is here. Don’t let that slow your job search, though. The end of the year is actually one of the best times to kick your job search into high gear. After all, the job market is open year-around.

Here are five good reasons to stay on your path through December:

  1. There are jobs waiting for you. In 2015, U.S. employers added 2.65 million new jobs. Even more impressive, some 852,000 of those – more than 32 percent! – came on board in the last quarter of the year. And a whopping 292,000 new jobs were added in December alone. That’s more than 30 percent higher than the average of the 11 other months. (Robust Hiring in December Caps Solid Year for U.S. Jobs)
  2. There may be a clearer path to employment if you maintain your focus, because many candidates pull back their efforts in the waning months of the year, waiting until January to restart their job search. Fewer competitors give you an advantage by demonstrating your sincerity and determination.
  3. Year-end vacations and holiday celebrations can provide a more relaxed atmosphere in hiring offices. That reduced pressure can make for a more comfortable interview, giving you the opportunity to showcase your very best qualities.
  4. Key decision makers are more available during the holidays as their travel and meetings slow down. This provides more opportunities for you to get their attention. It also clears their schedules so they can make quicker hiring decisions.
  5. The number of networking opportunities increases during the holidays. Don’t limit your thinking, though, to the businesses or professional groups that host holiday events. Look for opportunities to learn about career opportunities during family gatherings, neighborhood parties and hors d’oeuvres with friends. You never know. You might meet someone who can open the door to the perfect career opportunity.

Bottom line, this is no time to pull back your efforts and wait for a better time to dig into your job search. This is when you need to redouble your efforts and beat the competition to one of those end-of-year opportunities that could mean a happier 2017 for you!