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So you’ve spent some time on your LinkedIn profile, reached out to colleagues for recommendations, and may have even reached “All-Star” status.  What’s next?  Here are 5 little known tips for LinkedIn that may help you separate yourself from your connections:

  1. You’re able to add media or documents into the “Summary” section of your profile. While some users are already aware of this, most will only use this section to incorporate a PDF of their resume.  Take it to the next level!  LinkedIn allows the user to leverage this space for the addition of videos (video resume, perhaps?) or slide presentations that may highlight your professional portfolio.
  1. You can reorganize your top skills. Users with a large number of connections may have skill endorsements that read “99+,” meaning that more than 99 connections have endorsed them for a particular skill.  LinkedIn will rank order your most endorsed skills at the top of the list while your least endorsed fall toward the bottom, creating a gap.  If you have skills that you would like endorsed, move those to the top of your skills list.  This will create greater visibility when connections view your profile.
  1. LinkedIn can help you find freelance professionals – it’s not just for businesses to find employees or for job seekers to locate jobs. Under the “Interests” tab, you will find the subsection, “Freelance Marketplace.”  On this page, you can find professionals that provide services from real estate and legal, all the way to photography and home improvement.
  1. Make sure that you have a recent, professional photo on your profile. You may be saying to yourself, “That’s not a little known tip!”  All LinkedIn profile writers and avid users know that your profile should have a professional photo – BUT WHY?  Recently released data indicates that profiles with a photo receive 14 times more views than that of a profile without a photo.  You may want to connect with someone you met at a networking event, but cannot remember their name – only their face.  How would you recognize them on LinkedIn without a photo?
  1. How do I reach “All-Star” status if I’m currently at an “Expert” level? LinkedIn’s guidelines to achieve All-Star status are very specific and also very achievable.  To become an All-Star, you will need to enter:
    1. Photo
    2. Headline
    3. Industry & Location
    4. Profile Summary
    5. Minimum of three jobs in the “Experience” section
    6. Education
    7. 5 or more skills
    8. Connect with at least 50 users

Getting back to work can be a marathon race and the steps you take toward re-employment should include a dynamite LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has over 450 million users – get connected.

By Wayne Williams, CPRW