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Lauren Tolley and her mother, Darlene, have a common goal: to secure a career that matches their passion and skill level. They also have a common solution to finding their new careers: Employ Up.

Lauren is a recent college graduate with a degree in political science. She worked for a while as an administrative assistant, a position that neither excited her nor used the knowledge she gained in college. She wants to be an environmental advocate and is searching for career opportunities in the environmental field.

Darlene had an office job, working in a cubical and feeling boxed in. She has been out of the workforce for about a year; the last time she interviewed for a job was a decade ago.  She needed to brush up on today’s job-search techniques and wanted to find a new career field, one that best suited her outgoing personality. With the help of her Employ Up Career Coach, Darlene found that her long-time love of teaching can translate into a new kind of career. She’s now searching for the perfect teaching position.

Employ Up has helped both women find the right path to new opportunities. An added benefit: They have made the journey through the program together.

“We keep each other encouraged,” Darlene said. “When I go for an interview, Lauren’s there with pom-poms cheering me on. It’s always nice to have someone in your corner.”

Darlene and Lauren sat down with us recently before attending one of the many Employ Up networking sessions. They have enjoyed the benefits of Employ Up together, from the first day of program enrollment through the job-search process, including networking sessions where they continue to learn about job openings and make personal connections that can open doors to new opportunities.

Through Employ Up’s Career Prep program, Darlene and Lauren learned how to create an attention-grabbing resume and prepare for job interviews. For Darlene that meant learning new ways to highlight her skills and experience. The days of simply listing work history in chronological order have been replaced with customized resumes that emphasize specific skills and talents for each job opening.

The mother and daughter team also learned that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to preparing for a job interview. They sit down at the dining room table and launch into mock interviews, work on their resumes together and map out the next steps in their job search.

And they keep each other on track. “Mom is always asking me how many applications I have completed,” Lauren said, adding that her mom’s support makes a big difference. “It’s great that we have grown and learned together,” Darlene said. “It keeps us encouraged.”

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