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Christian Coleman had a career plan: “I want(ed) to transition from pharmacy to nursing,” she said. She had been working below her education level for years as a pharmacy technician and was long overdue for a career change. But she had identified some seemingly insurmountable barriers to reaching her goal.

Employ Up helped Christian break through those barriers, earn her BSN/RN degree and secure a new career as a surgical intensive care unit nurse. “Employ Up stayed with me the whole time,” she said. “There was so much about Employ Up that was helpful.”

With the help of a team dedicated to her success, Employ Up was able to help Christian address each one of her own barriers:

Barrier #1:

A job search stuck in neutral. Christian sent out her resume but got little response. Her cold calls to prospective employers went unanswered. It seemed as though her job search was going nowhere.

The Employ Up solution: With the help of her Employ Up Career Coach, Christian improved her LinkedIn profile to attract prospective employers and created a resume that displayed not only her skills and experience but also highlighted her personality and unique skills proposition. “In college, they never taught me how to sell myself,” she said. Employ Up taught her how to market her skills through the use of key words, images, and specific job-related descriptions.

Barrier #2

A broken spirit. Christian’s confidence took a beating as she continued working in a job that was below her skill and education level – coupled with an arduous, unsuccessful job search. Although she successfully mapped out her next steps in her career path, she lost self-assurance and doubted the process – and herself –  as her job search stalled and a new job seemed beyond reach.

The Employ Up solution: “Employ Up really helped me identify my fears,” Christian said. And the program provided ongoing professional and emotional support until she found her new career. “The Employ Up coaches checked in with me; I had a good support system and knew I could count on their support throughout my job-search.” The coaches helped her identify job opportunities, reviewed updates to her resume and cheered her along. Employ Up also gives participants access to a mental health professional should they need additional, professional assistance with their mental/emotional health.

Barrier #3:

A nursing school payment plan. Christian knew she wanted to be a nurse and also knew she needed additional education and a degree beyond her undergraduate biology degree. She chose a nursing program and gained admission to Marian University. Financing her education was the next challenge.

The Employ Up solution:  One of the benefits of Employ Up is that it provides funding for participants to gain new skills. As Christian worked with her Career Coach and discussed her education plans, she learned that Employ Up could help offset some of her education costs. That made her decision to enroll and complete the 16-month nursing program that much easier.

Barrier #4:

A trial run. Christian knew she was a good pharmacy tech, but that didn’t give her the exposure to patients she wanted and needed to ensure nursing was her calling.

The Employ Up Solution: Employ Up worked with Christian to find and secure a support staff position in a local hospital’s post-partum department. She was able to supplement her pharmacy tech job with her patient-care job, and beef up her resume at the same time. She was ready to apply for her nursing job with experience in patient care in hand.

Many job seekers find themselves treading water, unable move beyond what they see as barriers to a new career. Employ Up has the tools, experts and resources to help break through to new opportunities. Employ Up helped Christian, and Christian is helping Employ Up spread the word. To get started, create an account now to see if you’re eligible.


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