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One of Don Kent’s clients surprised him at his WorkOne Central Indiana office in Plainfield to share the good news that she found a job – paying more than $80,000 – thanks to Employ Up. She began work as a business analyst on January 30, her first job since she left the workforce more than 12 years ago to raise her family.

Don is a seasoned WorkOne employee and has helped hundreds of Hendricks County residents identify and gain the skills needed to secure good-paying careers. But there are times when a client needs something extra to reach the finish line.

“Employ Up is as neat a program as I have seen in the many years I have worked for WorkOne,” Don said. And, he added, it was the ideal program for his most recent client who earned an Agile Methodology certification – at no charge. That certification is what made the difference for Don’s client; employers began to respond to her resume. Doors that had been shut began to open.

Here’s why Employ Up worked for Don and his client:

Specialized Training: Don works closely with each of his clients to identify the skills needed to gain meaningful employment. In some cases, the skills training and programs available through WorkOne don’t’ match a client’s specific needs. That’s where the Employ Up program comes into play.

“As I work with candidates, I really get to know them and their needs,” Don said. “Employ Up really allows us to be creative in finding the right programs to skill-up our clients. With the right training and certification, candidates can increase their ability to find the right job.” Employ Up also pays for a client’s training, which is yet another benefit of the program, Don said.

Group Support: “I love the up-front job search support offered through Employ Up,” Don said. As part of the Employ Up program, candidates enroll in an intensive Career Prep course focused on career exploration, personal brand development and tactics for writing resumes, conducting job interviews and   uncovering the most promising career opportunities. “The class setting of the Career Prep program really gives candidates an opportunity to learn about the newest and most effective job seeking techniques in a group setting, side-by-side with other job seekers who are facing the same challenges and opportunities,” Don said. “This gives each person a built-in support group.”

Cross-county Partnership: Employ Up is available to Central Indiana residents, which includes Marion County and the surrounding eight counties. Employ Up reaches a wide audience and encourages county WorkOne offices to collaborate to find the best solutions for all clients. “This is a partnership that lets us serve so many people and has outstanding results,” Don said.

Employ Up is available to residents in the following counties: Marion, Boone, Hancock, Hamilton, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Morgan and Shelby. To learn more about how Employ Up can work for you, visit your local WorkOne office or explore this website. To enroll, click here.

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