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pastedimageRose Pescinski did everything right, said Employ Up Career Coach Wayne Williams. “From the moment we started working together, Rose was extremely motivated to get back to work.  She knew exactly what she wanted to do and where she wanted to end up – she just needed help getting there.”

Rose credits Employ Up with her success in securing her new career as a Practice Operations Assistant with an Indianapolis healthcare system. “I had worked for 10 years at one company, so I really didn’t know how to look for a new job,” she said. She found great support and encouragement in the Employ Up Career Prep program. “It’s really nice to work in a group, getting to know what other people who have been without a job are feeling and knowing that what you struggle with they do too,” she said.

In addition to the camaraderie she experienced in the Career Prep program, Rose found the one-one-one relationship she had with her Career Coach to be extremely valuable. Through Career Prep instruction and working closely with her personal coach, Rose polished her resume and interview techniques and learned how to use LinkedIn to market her skills and experience.

While Employ Up provides the tools and support for people searching for a new career, coach Williams says it’s up to each individual to take the initiative and follow the necessary steps to secure a new career.

“Rose spent an exorbitant amount of time in the office, before and after Career Prep, checking e-mails, corresponding with employers, researching positions, and applying for jobs,” Williams said. “Her follow up and level of activity was unparalleled. She came to networking consistently and only missed when she had an interview – which seemed to be very often.

“She was never shy about utilizing all the services that Employ Up has to offer; whether it was career coaching, supportive services, training funding, networking, or just being in a supportive space, Rose always took full advantage.”

Employ Up helped Rose gain the skills and confidence to succeed in a position where she helps keep operations running smoothly for patients, physicians, hospital staff and administrators in one of the state’s largest healthcare systems. And working in a healthcare environment, Rose values the soft skills she learned through Employ Up. She has the poise to effectively communicate with peers, patients and families.

“What made Rose successful was treating her job search like a lifestyle – it appeared that every waking minute Rose was doing something toward her ultimate goal of getting back into the workforce,” Williams said. “Her hard work certainly paid off.  I’m excited for Rose and extremely proud that I have had the opportunity to work with her.”