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Experienced workers are often overlooked by organizations preparing talent to compete in a rapidly changing, technology-centric economy. That’s a mistake, says Indianapolis City County Councillor Vop Osili in a July 22, 2017, opinion piece in the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Mature workers bring experience, wisdom and a strong work ethic to the workplace, and every city – including Indianapolis – needs to invest in enhancing their skills.

Employ Up does exactly that. The program, funded through an $8.3 million Department of Labor grant, provides a host of services for Central Indiana residents who need updated skills to succeed in a tech or healthcare career, two of the fastest growing industries in the region.

Employ Up already has provided services to nearly 450 Central Indiana residents, and many are graduating to new, good-paying careers. Many more residents can apply for Employ Up services through 2018.

Employ Up helps residents who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time and need skills training to re-enter. The program also helps residents who have a job, but the job is below their experience and education level. These residents are considered underemployed, but with new skills they can better reach their career potential.

The Employ Up program is free to Central Indiana residents who are underemployed or long-term unemployed and want to succeed in a new-economy career. It’s a comprehensive program starting with a Career Prep course that teaches interview skills, resume-writing best-practices and job-search techniques. Career Coaches help each participant identify the right career path and the right skills training to succeed. And Employ Up business associates work hard to open doors for Employ Up graduates to companies looking for new employees.

Find out more about how Employ Up can help you by signing up today. Also, read Councillor Osili’s entire opinion piece here.

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