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When you are looking for a new career, try thinking of yourself as a human resources manager. What skill level is the company looking for? Do I need an industry-recognized certification or credential? Is a 4-year college degree required or perhaps an associate degree?

The good news is that Employ Up knows the answers to all of these questions. Our experts work directly with Central Indiana companies to determine a company’s unique talent needs and recommend the best candidates to fill open positions.

We have unmatched insight into the Central Indiana job market; we know what jobs are open, where the good-paying jobs are and what skills employers demand. This helps us tailor our training programs to ensure you have the right skills to land a rewarding career in Central Indiana. And, once you complete the Employ Up program, you have an open door to the companies we work with that are looking for talent just like you.

Many Central Indiana companies want to hire Employ Up participants; it saves them time, money and risk when hiring employees. The benefits are numerous:

  • We provide services to companies for free;
  • We recommend qualified job candidates who have participated in the Employ Up program and are ready to work; and
  • We help pay for on-the-job training, internships or other work-based learning opportunities so companies can determine whether a prospective employee is a good fit before they make a hiring decision.

Employ Up recently worked with Pearl Pathways, a Central Indiana life sciences company, to match an Employ Up candidate with one of several job openings.

Employ Up introduced Pearl Pathways to a candidate whose career interests and capabilities were a solid fit for the company’s needs. Employ Up helped develop and fund a 6-month internship program, where the job candidate had the opportunity to work with Pearl Pathways employees. The internship helped to ensure a successful employee-employer match.

You can read more about how Employ Up and Pearl Pathways worked together here. Don’t wait any longer to sign up for Employ Up and find your career match.

Enroll today to begin the path to your ideal job.