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Job Seeker Services

The Path to Employment is Your Own

We support the long term un/underemployed, the career changers, the moms returning to the workforce, and beyond. Our program is about empowerment, not entitlement. After receiving lessons in personal branding, resume writing, job search and interview techniques – you will have access to top training programs to further your skills in the technology and healthcare industries. You will have access to professional networking opportunities, companies looking for talent, and the added value of a dedicated Career Coach to help you from program to placement.

Employ Up is for Central Indiana residents who

  • …are looking for a better, more fulfilling career
  • …are looking to break into the technology and/or health care industry
  • …are motivated to succeed
  • …are looking for enthusiastic, unwavering support of a team dedicated to their success

The Foundation

Career Coach

Your path to employment begins with your Career Coach. As your personal guide and biggest cheerleader, Career Coaches help you identify your strengths and transferable skills, define your career goals and chart your own path to success. Our team of dedicated coaches has the experience with career development to ensure we find success at the end of each pathway.

Career Prep

In Career Prep, an immersive job-readiness program led by industry-leading career experts, you will be a part of an organized cohort, surrounded by the support of peers. As you progress through the course, you and your fellow participants will enjoy lessons in:

  • personal branding
  • resume writing
  • proper, relevant interview techniques
  • how to search for and secure the roles you are seeking

Your Success

Job Placement

Employ Up can help you identify the precise training, education or certification you need – and even provide financial support! We partner with trusted talent development providers to ensure you have the skills to succeed.

We have the ability to pay for internships, on-the-job training or other work-based experiences to help you gain the right skills for the right job. During this time, you get a chance to work, learn and earn, and prove your skills for future employment opportunities.

And because Employ Up works with Central Indiana businesses every day, we know what skills are in demand and are the first to introduce you to companies that need talent just like you.