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Your Pathway to Employment

Need a Better Career?

Let Employ Up Work for You.

You don’t have to stay in an unfulfilling job that doesn’t use your skills or offer much of a future. Or work part-time, without benefits, at a job you hoped was just temporary while you searched for a full-time job. Employ Up is designed to help you get a better career – one that challenges you to use your skills and education and match your interests and earning potential.

Employ Up offers personalized services – from training to personal brand development, resume design and job placement assistance – for FREE to residents in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. We’re helping people, just like you, get a better career.

1. Enroll

The first step is to enroll in Employ Up. Start by creating your account here and entering your information. This will get you connected to a Career Coach.

2. Assess

Your Career Coach and Employ Up Counselor will assess your job readiness and skills and interest to help determine how we can best help you toward re-employment in your field and at your competency level. Developing your comprehensive and individualized service plan comes next.

3. Career Prep

If you’ve been out of your field of expertise for some time, Employ Up offers the opportunity to update your skills through Career Prep, a unique preparatory program that includes tools to bolster your self-confidence, organize your job search, and market yourself to prospective employers. Group stress and financial management assistance are also provided.

Following Career Prep, and based on your individual circumstances, we will place you in one of three employment pathways.

 4. Re-employment Pathway

Rapid Re-employment

Rapid Re-employment is for those who already have a strong foundation of skills and competencies that employers seek, but who have other barriers holding them back. This pathway focuses on re-connecting you to job opportunities that fit your skills.

Short-term Training

Short-term Training focuses on those who have knowledge to build on, but need to refresh or update their skills and competencies. Perhaps you’ve been out of the job market raising a family, or are a recent college graduate. Training partners will provide short-term and accelerated education designed to lead to a skilled job upon successful completion. Many lead to industry-recognized credentials.

Career Pathway Training

Career Pathway Training is for those who need more intensive training to update or learn new skills and competencies leading to employment. Partnering with education providers such as the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and with Ivy Tech Community College, Employ Up provides participants the opportunity to earn two-year associate degrees or a bachelor’s degree that bolsters your value in today’s job market.

5. Employment

You will have the opportunity to put your skills directly to work or through work-based training at an employer’s facility, which could include paid internship opportunities, paid work experience, and on-the-job training.

6. Follow Up

We will work with you to help you on your continued path toward career growth.