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More than 400 Central Indiana residents are proud Employ Up graduates and many of them have found new careers. As more and more graduates begin full time employment with some of Central Indiana’s fastest-growing companies, we are seeing some of the skills we teach in Employ Up’s Career Prep program really paying off.

The top 5 job-seeking techniques that have proven the most successful for Employ Up participants include:

1). Interview Preparation: You can never prepare too much for a job interview. Many Employ Up graduates say that a positive job interview made all the difference for them and helped them secure their new careers.

So how do you nail your job interview?

  • Prepare and practice your success stories
  • Understand the job you are applying for and know the company
  • Be prepared to answer difficult questions and to ask questions
  • Always be professional, positive and respectful

Career Coach Cortney Perez has more tips of interview prep.

2). Targeted Resume Development: Your resume should focus on the skills employers are seeking. View the company’s website, read articles about the company, and ask people you know who work for the organization about what the culture, mission, and values are like.  You can then incorporate some of these key terms into your career profile (or summary) and your cover letter.

Read more here from Career Coach Wayne Williams.

3). Skills Development: Employ Up offers valuable skills to those who had been working at a job below their education or skill level. We help fund training for Employ Up participants to learn new skills. We also offer free internships, work experience and on-the-job training, leading to earning and learning opportunities on the job. Sharon Grego is one Employ Up participant who earned an 8-week internship with a software quality assurance and testing company. The internship, which was subsidized by Employ Up, focused on helping her develop new skills and earn a software testing certificate.

Click here to read more about Sharon’s journey to a new career.

4). Networking: You never know where the next career opportunity is hiding. Many Employ Up participants have uncovered job openings by talking with friends, family and neighbors. Stephen Andrasik can tell you all about how networking led to his new career. “Networking has always been a natural enterprise for me,” he said. “Whether I’ve been employed or unemployed, I enjoy meeting people and learning about what they do. It’s no surprise to me that I found my new job through a networking contact. I think about 80 percent of new jobs come through networking.”

5). Accountability Groups: One of the best aspects of Employ Up is that you are part of a group of people who have similar goals: to get a new career that provides lasting opportunities. Many Employ Up participants have seized that group dynamic and formed “accountability groups,” cheering each other on as they embark on their job search journey.

These 5 techniques could come in handy for you as you search for your next career. Find out more by attending one of our information sessions, which are held every Monday from 3-4 at Employ Up offices: 9002 Purdue Road, Suite 200, Indianapolis.

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