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January is coming to an end and Employ Up challenged you to use this month to look to the future and outline your steps to a new career. But there is still room to reflect on the past and learn from those who let Employ Up work for them in 2016.

We asked our dedicated Employ Up Career Coaches to reflect on 2016 and to share some of the most successful journeys our Employ Up participants traveled – from jobs where they left their skills and education at the door to satisfying careers with professional and personal growth opportunities.

Although Employ Up has worked with more than 325 participants, the coaches quickly identified their most successful Employ Up participants.

What can we all learn from those successes to make 2017 another banner year?

Quality Over Quantity

Employ Up Coach Cortney Perez remembers Steve Andrasik’s diligence as he was searching for his new job. “His search was very targeted,” she said. “He didn’t send out hundreds of resumes, but really targeted his approach and tailored his resume for each opportunity he sought.”

He networked, approached each opportunity with a fresh perspective and didn’t let barriers get in his way, she said. “He leaned on his support system,” she said. “When he hit a barrier, he relied on his friends, family and Employ Up classmates to help him move forward.”

Embrace Help  

That support is what makes Employ Up unique. Employ Up offers one-on-one and group support for each candidate. Our coaches provide personalized service for each Employ Up participant; each person receives assistance mapping out a career path, and coaches provide ongoing counsel during the job-search process. At the same time, Employ Up participants find a built-in support system with fellow classmates.

Employ Up Coach Lori Urias-Gehris says that her most successful Employ Up participant used that support system. And it paid off. “I worked with my client very closely,” she said. “I would help her practice before a job interview. I helped her find the right match. When she needed someone to be her cheerleader, I was there either to meet with her face-to-face or over the phone.”

Hard Work Does Pay Off

Lori’s client also knew that finding a new career isn’t a part-time job. Employ Up Coach Wayne Williams said hard work paid off for one of his most successful clients. “I looked at how hard Rose Pescinski worked to find her new career,” Williams said. “She worked her tail off.”

The same held true for Steve Andrasik, Coach Perez said. “He approached his job search like a job,” she said. “He started every day as if he was going to work. He dressed in business casual, got out and networked and spent each day uncovering new opportunities.”

For many Central Indiana residents, 2016 was a turning point in their personal and professional lives. Employ Up’s coaches are ready to help you in 2017. And they have plenty of experience with successful candidates to help you on your path to a new career. Enroll today!

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