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Employ Up tried something new this year. We hosted a Career Expo designed to give Employ Up participants a private audience with eager Central Indiana employers and training partners ready to interview and hire skilled talent.

The Employ Up Career Expo attracted 32 employer and training partners and 70 Employ Up participants. The expo room was filled with a constant hum of activity.

The employer and training partners received a handbook filled with the resumes of each Employ Up participant who attended the event. Interviews were taking place in all corners of the Career Expo hall. Business cards were being exchanged and job training and new career opportunities were uncovered.

In total, four Employ Up participants received job offers. 70 Employ Up participants honed their interview skills and had front door access for follow up interviews and conversations.

Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of Employ Up and the Employ Up Career Expo. If you are in search of your new career after being out of the workforce for 27 weeks or longer, or find yourself in a job that doesn’t match your skills, sign up for Employ Up. Not only will the program arm you with the skills you need to find your next career, but you’ll be eligible to attend our next Employ Up Career Expo. Your next career may be just around the corner.

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